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Thailand boasts a very old massage tradition of Indian culture origin, later developed into personal styles and techniques of its own.Click on these links: A brief history of Thai Massage Interview with the Manager of the Wat Po if you want to know more about the matter.
In order to acquire and/or increase their expertise in different techniques of massage, both professionals operating in the field or simple massage lovers can attend these courses.


Traditional Thai Massage:

This course – 30 hours altogether, on a five-days bases- can start any day of the week, Sundays included.
Starting at the basic level, students are trained to do the whole body massage which help to relieve muscular fatigue and pain, reduce tension and headaches, regain mobility in muscles and joints, and promote relaxation.
Thai massage is also helpful not only to stimulate the circulation of blood and lymphatic system, but also improves the body immunity for anti-aging and longevity.

Foot Massage course:

The foot massage course (30 hours altogether) starts from Monday to Friday, from Wednesday to Sunday or from Saturday to Wednesday.
This method integrates the knowledge of Chinese reflexology points with the most relaxing Wat Po massage techniques. Thai massage starts at the sole of the lift foot to stimulate the wind element and to balance all of four elements in human body (earth, water, wind and fire).
This massage improves the activity of internal organs.

Oil Massage and Aromatherapy – 30 Hours

The science of oil massage and aromatherapy originated from the west but Thais have used fragrances and herbs in traditional health care for a very long time. Wat Po oil Massage Technique combined with Thai Massage Techniques is used to manipulate the body and relax it.
Class Time: From 9 AM to 4 PM for 5 Days.

Prerequisite:applicants must complete the General Thai Massage Course before attending the oil massage course.

Woman Healthcare Massage – 30 Hour

Learn the Thai Massage techniques for women in order to reduce pain, abdominal pain, aches during menstruation.
Learn the pregnancy massage. Learn how to give an Herbal Massage.

Prerequisite:applicants must complete the General Thai Massage Course before attending the oil massage course.

Infant and Child Massage Course- 21 Hours

Learn how to provide a warm and gentle touch to infants and children. This course is best suited for parents and nannies that have an infant or small child under their care. Massage will help to stimulate an infant’s muscular and nervous system, to help prevent any malformation, and assist in the development of the infant’s body, mind and spirit. It calms the infant by reducing anxiety and stress.

The Infant and Child Massage Course take 4 days: 1 day of theory and 3 days of practice.

Prerequisite:applicants must complete the General Thai Massage Course before attending the oil massage course.

Tuition fee:
1. The general Thai massage course for 30 hours 9,500 Bahts.
2. The advance Thai medical massage course for 60 hours 14,000 Bahts.
3. The foot massage course for 30 hours 7,500 Bahts.
4. The oil and aroma massage course for 30 hours 7,500 Bahts.
5. The woman healthcare massage course for 30 hours 7,500 Bahts.
6. The infant and child massage course for 21 hours 6,000 Bahts.
7. The facial treatment course for 30 hours 10,500 Bahts.
8. The spa treatment in nail care and nail art for 36 hours 13,000 Bahts.

Tuition fee for the short training:

1. The herbal massage training for 3 days 6,000 Bahts.
2. The anti- cellulite treatment for 4 days 8,500 Bahts.
3. The body treatment for scrub, sauna and wrap for 5 days 8,500 Bahts.

Tuition fee for the professional course are:-

1. The professional thai massage for health for 165 hours 30,000 Bahts.
2. The professional Thai massage therapy I for 200 hours 42,000 Bahts.
3. The spa course in body treatment 120 hours 25,000 Bhats.

For information about courses in Salaya or the accomodation at the School in Tatien, this is the official Wat Po Massage School website:

Contact us if you need a list of hotel nearby the School with booking online.

Important Notice:

Thanks to an agreement with the School Management, we can also offer intensive courses. This would be very important, for instance, for those who would like to follow an oil and aromatherapy course or other massage courses, prior they have successfully followed the Traditional Thai Massage course.

Remark:Courses are given in English. Upon request, you can get additional theory lessons on Traditional Thai Massage.

Required documents: a copy of your Passport and three 5cm x 5cm photos.

At the end of the course/s, you will receive an official certificate from the Wat Po School, just the same as the one Thai massage operators get to work in Thailand.

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