Koh Samed, also known as Koh Samet, is a charming island covering approximately 13 square kilometers in the Gulf of Thailand.
Conveniently accessible from Bangkok without the need for domestic flights, it lies around 200 kilometers southeast of the Thai capital.

With lush greenery, powdery white beaches, and crystal-clear waters, Koh Samed embodies all the allure of a tropical paradise.
This makes it an ideal destination for those yearning for serenity and tranquility, making it particularly appealing to travelers exploring Thailand for a few days who prefer to avoid additional domestic flights. Koh Samed’s appeal remains constant throughout the year.

To facilitate your journey to this idyllic island and ensure a seamless experience, we offer private transfers to Koh Samed and the opportunity to stay at the exclusive 5-star Paradee Resort. This option is particularly appealing for unwinding at the conclusion of your tour, providing the perfect finale to your adventures.

Paradee Resort on Koh Samet: A Tropical Sanctuary

Paradee Resort, nestled on the captivating island of Koh Samet, presents a distinctive tropical escape.
Encompassing pristine beaches, luxuriant gardens, and mesmerizing vistas, this resort offers a sanctuary of natural beauty and tranquility.
Here, guests can relax in opulent accommodations, savor exquisite cuisine, and immerse themselves in the peaceful ambiance of this enchanting island retreat.

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