Thailand Romantic Escapades: Exquisite Honeymoon & Couples Getaways

Bespoke Private Romantic Journey Through Thailand with 5-star Luxury Hotels .
13 Days of Culture, Adventure, and Beachside Bliss in Bangkok, Chiang Rai & Golden Triangle, Chiang Mai, and Phuket

Set off on a custom-designed journey, navigating through Thailand’s captivating mosaic of landscapes and cultures.
Begin your adventure in Bangkok, a dazzling city where modernity meets centuries-old traditions, presenting a sensory overload of sights, sounds, and flavors.
From there, venture north to Chiang Rai, home to ancient temples and the serene landscapes of the Golden Triangle. Here, you’ll also experience the enchantment of engaging with the region’s gentle elephant giants.
As you continue to Chiang Mai, the spiritual aura of majestic temples will cradle you in a world steeped in tradition.
Your journey concludes on the serene shores of Phuket at ‘The Shore Katathani’, a sophisticated sanctuary, ensuring uninterrupted intimacy and luxury.
This itinerary is expertly crafted for those seeking romance intertwined with elegance, featuring some of the best luxury hotels in the country.

To further enhance your experience, a myriad of bespoke activities awaits your selection.
Whether it’s a panoramic helicopter ride over Bangkok’s skyline, a thrilling helicopter journey soaring above the dense jungles of northern Thailand, rejuvenating spa treatments, nature walks, or any other unique desire, the choices are endless
Every moment is tailored to fit your aspirations, ensuring a journey that resonates with your individual tastes and dreams.
Dive deep into the possibilities, shaping a Thai adventure that’s truly yours.

The Oriental, Bangkok. Spa suite.
Anantara Golden Triangle. Jungle bubble at dusk
Four Seasons, Chiang Mai
The Shore Katathani-Seaview Pool Villa Romance
The Shore Katathani-Seaview Pool Villa Romance

Recommended Itinerary

Bangkok and Around: Three Days Exploring Urban Life, Canals, and Iconic Temples.

Day 1, Bangkok at The Oriental Hotel.
Welcome in Style: Touch down in Bangkok and breeze through the airport with our VIP Fast-Track service. No waiting, no hassle.
Before you know it, a private car is whisking you away to the iconic Mandarin Oriental, a timeless gem nestled beside the Chao Phraya River, exuding elegance and a rich historical charm.
Evening Escape: As dusk settles, enjoy a captivating boat ride along the ‘River of Kings’, the Chao Phraya. With Bangkok’s skyline as your backdrop, toast to new adventures with a bottle of Champagne.

Day 2, Bangkok: An Intimate Day of Exploration.
Start your day accompanied by your dedicated guide.
Wander through the expansive Grand Palace and stand before the revered Emerald Buddha inside Wat Phra Kaew.
Marvel at the intricate designs of Wat Arun, the iconic Temple of Dawn.
At Wat Po, pause beside the impressive reclining Buddha.
The Flower and Farmer Market offers a splash of colors and fragrances, inviting exploration.
Navigate Thonburi’s winding canals on a private Longtail Boat, offering a unique view of the city’s life.
For a different perspective, consider the optional helicopter flight. From the sky, you’ll have a breathtaking view of Bangkok’s skyline, the winding Chao Phraya River, majestic bridges, and the shimmering spires of temples scattered throughout the city.
To cap off the day, indulge in a sensory retreat at the Oriental Spa, the pioneering haven of wellness that introduced Thailand to world-class spa experiences.
Choose from their specially curated treatments for couples, be it the Signature Couples Massage, Aroma Couples Massage, and more, ranging from a soothing 90-minute session to an immersive 2.5-hour treatment.

Day 3, Bangkok/ Traditional Markets/ Ayutthaya. Half or Full Day
Merging Modern Vibrancy with Historic Grandeur.
Morning Market Ventures: Dive into the day with a visit to the Train Market, followed by the lively Floating Market. Choose to experience the vibrant market scenes in a shorter trip or savor a full day of cultural discoveries and shopping.
Ayutthaya’s Ancient Wonders: Explore the rich heritage of Ayutthaya, boasting UNESCO-protected temples.
Opt for a brief exploration capturing its essence or a comprehensive day soaking in its profound history.
A Day of Contrasts: Begin your day amidst the bustling modern markets and as the sun rises higher, journey back in time to the peaceful elegance of historic Ayutthaya, celebrating the fascinating interplay of contemporary life and ancient splendor.

Day 4, From Bangkok’s Vibrance to the Golden Triangle’s Serenity
Wave goodbye to the energetic vibes of Bangkok as you set out on a new adventure up North.
Flight to Chiang Rai: Transition smoothly with our arranged private transport to the airport.
Upon landing in Chiang Rai, a dedicated transfer will take you directly to the majestic Anantara Golden Triangle, a luxurious resort offering panoramic views of the ancient Golden Triangle region.
Intimate Adventures and Tranquility for Two:
Nestled within the Anantara Golden Triangle’s panoramic embrace, a trio of days unfolds, dedicated to you and your partner’s desires.
Handpick from a palette of activities, allowing the region’s rich culture and breathtaking nature to craft your shared memories.
The resort doesn’t merely offer luxury, but a profound bond with the essence of Northern Thailand’s allure.
Whether it’s an intimate exploration or serene relaxation, curate moments tailored to both of you.

Day 5, Golden Triangle. Memorable Moments
Elephant Bonds: At Anantara Golden Triangle, experience ethical elephant interactions.
Stroll with these magnificent beings, understanding their unique personalities and the devoted conservation endeavors ensuring their safety.
Thai Culinary Journey: Engage in a hands-on Thai cooking class. Under the tutelage of master chefs, recreate beloved local dishes. Relish your creations and other gourmet meals, paired with select wines.
Mekong Journey: Set out on an excursion along the Mekong River, immersing yourself in its captivating beauty and discovering the rich mosaic of history and daily life that unfolds along its banks.
Jungle Dreaming: Opt for an unparalleled experience by spending a night in a Jungle Bubble.
Revel in the serenity of nature, with clear views of the stars above and elephants roaming freely in their natural environment. An intimate escape like no other.
Choose one or several of these activities to tailor your day to your preferences and desires.

Day 6. Dive into the Golden Triangle through captivating activities and enlightening tours.

  • Historic Journeys: Embark on guided adventures to age-old temples, nearby villages, and insightful opium museums. Witness firsthand how the Golden Triangle’s storied past continues to shape its vibrant present.
  • Nature’s Footpaths: Venture into the green depths with expert guides, discovering the region’s rich biodiversity and getting up close with its unique flora and fauna.
  • Pedal Adventures: Grab a bike and traverse diverse trails, each tailored to suit both novice riders and seasoned cyclists.
  • Royal Enfield Adventures: Experience the landscapes in style with a ride on a classic Royal Enfield motorcycle, complete with a sidecar and a private driver.
    It’s a unique and luxurious way to explore the Golden Triangle’s beauty and charm
  • Evening Traditions: Settle in for the night with cultural showcases, featuring mesmerizing Northern Thai dances and performances by talented local artisans, bringing the region’s deep-rooted legacy to life.

Day 7: Journey through Landscapes – Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai with Enriching Visits En Route
Begin your day by boarding a private van, accompanied by your personal driver and dedicated guide.
Embark on a journey filled with cultural wonders and scenic beauty as you transition from Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai.
White Temple Whimsy: Step into the surreal beauty of the famed White Temple, a masterpiece of contemporary architecture.
Azure Allure at the Blue Temple: Dive into the intricate details and brilliant shades of the Blue Temple, showcasing exquisite Thai craftsmanship.
Kok River Adventure: Embark on an exhilarating longtail boat ride from the Karen village of Baan Ruammit, journeying through the dynamic waters of the Kok River to Phatai. Witness the pulse of local life along its banks.
Chiang Mai’s Warm Embrace: Upon arrival, check into the luxurious Four Seasons in Chiang Mai, where comfort and relaxation await after your day of exploration.

Day 8, Chiang Mai: Serene Mornings & Bonding Moments
Awaken amidst the lush embrace of the Mae Rim valley, where the Four Seasons Chiang Mai seamlessly melds luxury with the tranquil beauty of terraced rice paddies.
A Morning at Leisure: Wake up to the verdant surroundings, letting the peaceful atmosphere set the tone for your day.
Couples Retreats:
Harmonious Escape: Indulge in a couples massage at the resort’s spa.
Culinary Connection: Delve into the flavors of Thai cuisine with a private cooking class for two.
Meditative Moments: Experience a private meditation session, immersing yourselves in the serene surroundings.
Yoga for Two: Engage in a relaxing yoga session, set against the breathtaking natural backdrop.

Afternoon Temple Tour: Spend the afternoon discovering Chiang Mai’s celebrated temples.
Marvel at the refined details of Wat Phra Singh, delve into the historical depth of Wat Chedi Luang, and ascend to the grandeur of Doi Suthep with its shimmering golden pagoda.
As the sun sets, find yourself captivated by the serene beauty of monks assembling for their evening chants at Doi Suthep, a harmonious blend of tradition and tranquility.

Day 9: Diverse Choices for Unforgettable Memories
From the vibrant offerings of Chiang Mai to the exclusive experiences at the Four Seasons, shape this final day in the North to echo your individual tastes and wishes.
Elephant Connection: Spend a memorable hour with the elephants, participating in their bathing and feeding routines. Learn about their diet and care from the experienced mahouts.
City’s Heart Exploration: Delve into artisan villages showcasing timeless crafts, or uncover more of Chiang Mai’s historic temples.
For the early birds, there’s the serene tradition of dawn alms giving, emblematic of Thailand’s rich spiritual heritage.
Adventure Calls: For the thrill-seekers, embark on exhilarating zipline courses or white-water rafting adventures.
Market Wonders: Immerse yourself in the bustling markets, a sensory journey of flavors, sights, and sounds.
Jungle Dinner Finale: Culminate your stay with a private dinner at the elephant camp, set against the majestic backdrop of the jungle. Indulge in a range of Thai dishes meticulously prepared by the resort’s chefs.

Day 10: Chiang Mai to Phuket Transition. The Shore Katathani.
Begin your day with a seamless transition.
A private transfer awaits to escort you to Chiang Mai airport for your flight to Phuket.
Set your sights on the pristine shores of Phuket as the next chapter of your romantic journey unfolds.
Upon arrival in Phuket, you’ll be whisked away to The Shore at Katathani an exclusive haven for couples, where the intimate ambiance and pristine surroundings await your arrival.
Embrace the serene vibes of Phuket and look forward to cherished moments by the sea.

Day 11: Phuket – Adventures at Sea and Shore
The day stretches out with opportunities tailored to your whims.
Relish in the beauty of Phuket at your own pace, or opt for one of the curated excursions.
Sail on a catamaran to the iconic Phi Phi Islands, delve into the intrigue of James Bond Island, or explore the hidden gems of Phuket through a private tour.
Whatever you choose, unforgettable memories await on this sun-kissed paradise.

Day 12: Phuket, Kata Noi Beach – Relaxed Beachside Leisure
Today is yours to embrace the tranquility of Kata Noi Beach. Whether you choose to sunbathe on the golden sands, take a dip in the crystal-clear waters, or simply revel in each other’s company, the day offers unscripted moments for relaxation and rejuvenation.
The Shore at Katathani’s unmatched setting provides the perfect backdrop for a leisurely day of tropical delight.

Day 13: Farewell to Thailand
A private transfer ensures a smooth journey to Phuket Airport.
As you depart, let the memories of your Thai adventure accompany you, setting the tone for wherever your journey takes you next

Starting From: 16,500 USD per person, based on double occupancy.

Get Your Quote: Contact us for a personalized quote tailored to your travel dates, hotel preferences, and any special requests.
We ensure each tour is uniquely suited to your requirements.

Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok.
Anantara Golden Triangle or Four Seasons tented camp Golden Triangle
Four Seasons, Chiang Mai
The Shore Katathani, Phuket

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