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Special in Thailand: a cruise on the river Kwai Noi

Crociera sul Kwai Noi-2

Four days and three nights on this cruise on the River Kwai Noi, west of Bangkok, near the border with Burma. The cruise can be done downstream or upstream. The boat is called “RV River Kwai” and is the first cruise inland of Thailand. It is built in colonial style based on the drawings of the Irrawaddy flotilla, which was founded in 1865 in Burma and became the most great river of the world fleet. This is an original way to visit Thailand! During the cruising there are many sightseeing and guided tours, stops at waterfalls, tribe villages, caves, temples, Khmer ruins, the bridge on the river Kwai, elephants village and other local attractions. Optional a course for elephants driving, for becoming a Mahout.  

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